Echoes of War

Favors Among Friends

Jonas, Stilgar, and Namwen arrive in Haven, a recently re-founded town in the hills of the River Kingdoms seeking audience with the leader of the town, a warlock known as Cyran. After speaking to a few locals, the heroes discover that Cyran has taken the name The Lord of Blades and is the de facto ruler of the growing settlement.
Upon their request to speak with Cyran, they are greeted by one of his retainers, a half-orc named Gronk. Gronk and Namwen nearly come to blows following a heated, racially-tinged exchange, with Stilgar and the Lord of Blades intervening to bring about uneasy peace. Following a few passes at negotiation, the heroes agree to help Cyran by eradicating a tribe of stubborn kobolds that have taken up residence in an old watchtower on the edge of town in exchange for future favors. As a sign of goodwill, Cyran sent Gronk with them as additional muscle.
After clearing the watchtower and underground tunnels of the vicious kobolds, the heroes faced off against the “god” of the kobolds, a black dragon wyrmling named Akarivytha. Declaring their job here finished, the heroes decide to depart for Vallows Keep, the home of the Knights of the Vallows and the holding place for the three recovered Soul Keys.


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