Lord Valter Soth

Fallen Knight of the Vallows


One of the first Vallows Knights and a personal friend of Almarius Thyre, Valter was the paragon of knightly virtue for years. Such was his faith and integrity that the god Tyr chose him as his champion. Tyr revealed to Lord Soth visions of a terrible calamity that would befall the world and instructed him on how to prevent it. Unfortunately, during his journey to combat the calamity, Lord Soth heard rumors of his wife’s infedility. He turned his horse toward Black Rose Hall and, upon arriving, set torch to the castle. As he stood at the entrance, he heard his wife and her retainers screaming for help from inside. Furious at his champion’s behavior, Tyr is rumored to have consumed Soth in the same raging fire that killed his wife.
Stories in Ustalav say that Lord Soth yet lives, in a fashion, and haunts Black Rose Hall along with the singing spirits of his dead wife and her ladies-in-waiting.


Lord Valter Soth

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