Allistair Kaine

Aged wizard and former adventurer


An elderly human wizard with a squared-off gray beard and long white hair. Allistair was the former adventuring companion of Cyran, Elzor Nos’Rac, and Lucius Lycansoar.
After the end of the Last War, Allistair’s company was tasked with taking the final Soul Key to the Knights at Vallows Keep. However, instead of taking it to them, the party agreed to hide the key in case it was ever needed again. Allistair chose to secret the orb away near the small coastal town of Rebel’s Forge where he thought he could keep an eye on it.
Recently, the Soul Key was rediscovered, and Allistair was gravely injured by a mysterious cult seeking to gain control of the artifact. He is currently recuperating at Shayla’s hut in the southern Border Princes.


Allistair Kaine

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